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The best tasting organic beef delivered to your doorstep.

With our easy sign-up process and every other month shipments, we take the guess work out of dinner night.

The Tru Organic Beef Box

Each subscriber get 1/5 of total cuts

This gives you 95 lbs of meat per year. For an average of 16 lbs per box delivered every other month.

Breakdown: Fine cuts equal 18 lbs estimated

New York Strip | 10 oz

Rib Eye | 10 oz

Filet Mignon | 4 oz

Sirloin | 8 oz

Other cuts if available

Hamburger Patties and Hamburger Blocks | Equal 78 lbs

Hamburger Patties | 1/3 lb patties

Hamburger Blocks | 1 lb blocks

Bi-Monthly Cost


$5 Shipping

We believe our organic meat is the best tasting on the market

– 100% organic Angus Beef
– Finished with organic grains
– Raised on organic pastures
– No pesticides
– No GMOs
– No growth hormones
– Certified organic by MOSA
– Family raised

The Details

– Receive box bi-monthly
– Meat is frozen delivered in an insulated box to your doorstep
– You can cancel anytime

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