Why Tru Organic?

Stop sacrificing taste to eat organically

I have been eating organic for the past 10 years and found it hard to consistently get actual organic beef that tasted good. Why should we have to forego taste to eat organic?

Max Carney

With my son Michael, who is autistic, we see the great value he and other kids see from eating organic. Their digestive and immune systems are fragile and they cannot have any types of toxins. We have embraced the organic healthy lifestyle and are passionate about helping other families.

Dan Carney

Our Herd

Our Angus cattle heritage is based on marbling, tenderness and docility. Our registered cattle are born and raised right on the farm. We are proud to be members of Organic Valley.


The beef will come from our farm and other members of Organic Valley who are held to the same standards.

Our Beliefs and Standards

At Tru Organic, you can be sure our cows are treated with the utmost respect and care. We follow strict guidelines from MOSA and Organic Valley. We go above and beyond when caring for our cattle.

100% true to the organic process
Animal welfare is our highest priority
Producing the highest quality grains and grasses that are reflected in the flavor of the meat

Just one click away from the best tasting beef delivered to your doorstop

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